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As a genderqueer transgender nutrition specialist, I understand the unique challenges facing gender diverse clients in making peace with our bodies, nutrition, and gender identity. Your work shouldn’t have to include educating your provider about your gender identity or explaining the reality of living with dysphoria. Our work together will be focused on establishing a healthy relationship to food and your own body. I aim to support your in your personal goals for recovery, improved body image, and ultimately . . . body liberation.



"In a World That is Wrong About Us"

Vaughn's TEDx talk illuminates the needs and challenges facing the young people of the transgender community, in hopes of finding solutions to this complex issue at the intersection of gender, body image, food, and identity.


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Not everyone has the same needs, especially in our community. Let’s get to know each other and together we’ll chart a path towards body peace and a sustainable relationship with food.
Telehealth sessions are 45 minutes long, from the convenience of your own home.



Join a "Finding Freedom with Food and Your Body" Group and build community with other gender diverse folx with food and body concerns. 
Groups start quarterly and run for 6 weeks.



Small and large organizations can benefit from ongoing training and consultation on gender affirmative care, eating disorders,  and LGBTQ-inclusive services.

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Get individualized feedback on your work with clients across the gender spectrum. Struggling with unsupportive parents? Body image concerns? Schedule a supervision appointment with Vaughn.

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My work is based in intuitive eating and weight-neutral frameworks, and I consider myself a nutrition therapist. My work is informed by inner child/loving feeding therapy, humanistic psychology, CBT & DBT. I work very collaboratively with clients and their treatment team members to support holistic, individualized healing.

I cannot ethically guide my patients to lose weight, knowing there to be no safe, sustainable way to maintain weight loss, but I do support all of my clients to struggle with the major impacts diet culture has on our bodies and lives.

I believe that existing as a transgender person is a radial and revolutionary act, compounded by the effort to resist shrinking ourselves, and that we all deserve community and emotional support to strive to live our most authentic lives in our bodies. I am honored to be part of that support, and I sincerely look forward to witnessing you and your growth.

I have been working with Vaughn for about a year and a half and it has been an utterly life changing and life saving experience. We started the work while I was in the throes of grief, newly out of the “gender closet”, and struggling to come to terms with relapsing in my eating disorder after many years of recovery. Not only is Vaughn a skilled dietitian, he integrates your entire personhood into the work you do together. He helped me in eating disorder recovery, yes, but he also helped me step into my whole, unapologetically queer self at a time where I was the most vulnerable, and the most terrified.



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Image by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist
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